With no shortage of romantic honeymoon hotspots at home and abroad, we look at why Koh Phi Phi still tops the list.

With possibly more massage parlors than people, relaxation is ensured.  To save a few baht, keep in mind the further away from the beach you venture the cheaper the massage will be. Remember: waterfront premiums don’t equate to fingertip superiority so shop around and find the nimble fingers just right for you and your wallet.

There are no cars on Koh Phi Phi, adding to its sense of isolation and charm. This means hiking, swimming and walking are your primary forms of transport. And everyone knows that exercise releases endorphins. And nothing welcomes endorphins more heartily than a honeymoon.

In a tropical version of Venice’s labyrinth of canals, the long tail boat is your gondola. Hire one of the ubiquitous vessels lining the shore (you won’t struggle to obtain a willing operator, so bargain accordingly) and explore the enchanting and secret waterways entwined among the limestone cliffs. Find a hidden lagoon, ask the captain to turn away and enjoy a quick skinny-dip.

Even the recently betrothed need a little ‘me time’ and Koh Phi Phi caters to all. For the lady whose new hubby loves endangering his life, perhaps a spot of cliff jumping is in order, while you rent a kayak or hike to Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint. Or perhaps a bout of Thai boxing at the reggae bar is more his speed. While he spares, she can snorkel. The options go on, but one thing they all share is the magnificent backdrop of the archipelago.

If you’re keen to remain indoors, the accommodation found on Phi Phi Don is so divine you’ll want to barricade yourselves in, leaving only to forage for coconuts and alert your loved ones you are in fact alive and well. Budget accommodation is available, but for the ultimate newlyweds’ retreat, why not splurge on a private bungalow or honeymoon suit? After all, it’s where you’ll spend the majority of your time on the island. Our advice: stock up on coconuts and tell your loved ones to leave you alone. Well, except for one, of course.

Koh Phi Phi is a sleaze-free zone (mostly). In other words, you don’t need to worry about being accosted by ladyboys bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger around every corner, or awkward massages that end in fumbled apologies and speedy escapes. With a sex industry as renowned as it is exploitative, much of Thailand has a somewhat sleazy reputation (Ahem, I’m looking at you, Phuket). Being surrounded by a cluster ‘ladies’ of the night isn’t the ideal situation to find yourself in post nuptials, so stick to Koh Phi Phi and you’ll both feel more comfortable.

Despite the busy nightlife and party atmosphere surrounding Tonsai’s main drag, all you need to do is travel a few minutes in any direction to find yourself on an intimate stretch of sand you would swear was placed there just