Despite limited land-area, Koh Phi Phi punches above its weight
in terms of nocturnal entertainment. This brings with it, of course, the unfortunate reality that unassuming tourists will spend time in any number of less-than-ideal bars and nightclubs.

Tonsai Village and Loh Dalum Bay are home to the largest concentration of nightspots, with a variety of quiet bars and vibrant clubs. Live music, DJ sets, fire dancing, party games, Thai boxing and buckets full of fun and fluorescence are all awaiting you on Koh Phi Phi. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites to help get your party started.

Slinky Beach Bar

Leave your inhibitions at the door and step into the wonderland created at Slinky Beach Bar for one of the wildest parties on Koh Phi Phi. The 10pm fire show is an interactive extravaganza complete with fireworks and spirited applause. Don’t be surprised to see beautiful people gliding under flaming limbo sticks, fluorescent painted bodies leaping through rings of fire, and barely clad babes taking a late night dip in the Bay (do take care when mixing alcohol and swimming). For a tamer evening, avoid the flames and stick to dancing. Comfortable footwear is a must if you plan on twirling and gyrating your way into the morning’s wee hours. Did we mention the mechanical bull?

Location: Loh Dalum Bay, Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Reggae Beach Bar

This unique and lively bar combines Muay Thai with margaritas. A seemingly dangerous combination, the bar is surprisingly laid back and informal, but can become rowdy as the night proceeds. Fighting kicks off at around 9pm but if you are drinking it may be wise to leave the gloves off and simply enjoy the show.

Location: Opposite 7-Eleven, Tonsai Village, Koh Phi Don, Thailand

Sunflower Beach Bar

Head towards the giant illuminated sunflower in the sky, and you’ve found paradise on the beach. The view from Sunflower is spectacular, with architecture and furnishings to match. Old wooden canoes and boats have been restored into shabby chic furniture and decor. The rustic charm continues as you make your way onto the intact but unpolished reclaimed wooden boat, creating a classic castaway ambiance. Nestled at the northern end of Loh Dalum Bay, the frozen cocktails are so divine you might not want to leave. Good news: food and accommodation are also available.

Location: 102 M7, T.Aonang, Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Carlito’s Bar & Nightclub

Reputed to be Koh Phi Phi’s first bar, Carlito’s has been kicking up its heels for years. Revellers can enjoy a fire show and dance in the roofed nightclub – the only one of its kind on the island. This veteran of the party scene may have passed its prime (it was completely destroyed during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and has since been rebuilt) but it still captures Koh Phi Phi’s vivacious atmosphere and is worth checking out at least once.

Location: Tonsai, Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Dojo Bar

For an amusing and raucous night out look no further than Dojo Bar. It ticks all the appropriate ‘fun time’ boxes and earns extra points for its beer pong table. Soak up a dose of vitamin D, sip on some suds and sizzle on the dance floor.

Location: Tonsai, Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Apache Bar

Apache Bar is so deliciously camp and kitsch it’s irresistible. The Native American theme is a mystery, but the multi-story monstrosity overlooking Tonsai Bay is quite an experience. Colour for days and music so loud you can feel it pulse through your body, docile vacationers are invited to let their hair down or find a quiet alternative.

Location: Tonsai, Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand