So, you’ve made it to the topical paradise of Koh Phi Phi. Well done, you! Now what?

We wouldn’t blame you if you plan on spending all day sipping cocktails and pondering the horizon. However, if an adventurous spirit should take hold, book a tour that suits your budget and set off to traverse the islands. A myriad of options beckons.


The limestone cliffs of Koh Phi Phi have reached such legendary status that many visitors forsake all water sports in favor of clinging to sedimentary rocks. Choose from one of the reputable companies offering professional training and advice. Stick to bolted cliff faces and triple check your ropes!

Top Operators:
Ibex Climbing & Tours
Spidermonkey Climbing


From experienced to novice divers the azure depths surrounding Koh Phi Phi have something for everyone, regardless of skill level or eyesight (visibility ranges from 10-25m). For divers seeking more prolonged encounters, live-aboard tours are available and some of the most popular sites include:

Koh Bida Nok/Koh Bida Nai: Collectively known as the Bida’s, expect to encounter leopard sharks, turtles and a diverse range of coral and fish.

Hin Daeng and Hin Muang: Home to the deepest drop-off and steepest underwater walls in the area, admire the exceptional soft coral beds, whale sharks and Manta rays.

Kled Gaeow Wreck: decommissioned Thai Naval Ship sunk in 2014.

Top operators:
Phi Phi Diving
P.P. Aquanauts Scuba
Blue view Divers


Snorkelling tours can be arranged through commercial operators or by hiring a long tail boat and creating your own (a real life, paradise-themed Choice Your Own Adventure!). There are benefits and downsides to both options and the final decision depends on the type of experience you’re after. Organised tours take place on large boats with cheaper prices, no hidden fees and more often than not, light refreshments and equipment are provided.

Meanwhile, the higher price tag attached to hiring a long tail boat ensures a more relaxing, authentic voyage with fewer passengers and increased control over which sites you visit. Research the best snorkelling locations and spend the day exploring these, rather than following the tight schedule of a tour. While food may not be part of the deal, it isn’t hard to pick up a few snacks from 7/11 before you hop on a long tail.

Notable spots: Pi Ley Bay, Maya Bay, Hin Klang, Hin Phae, Mosquito Island and Bamboo Island

Top Operators:
Dragon Heart Sunset Snorkel Cruise
Watersports Experience – offers a little bit of everything, including snorkelling, cliff jumping and shark spotting.


Teeming with black marlin, sailfish, giant trevally, Wahoo, tuna and a host of highly sough-after prize fighting fish, the Andaman Sea is an angler’s dream. Jump on a long tail and rely on your driver’s knowledge, or join a fishing charter. Charters or kayak fishing tours tend to be the most successful, with gear and bait thrown in for good measure. A catch and release policy is enforced.

Top operators:
Phi Phi Kayak
Sak Fishing

Maya Bay/Plankton tour

Feel like a fairy as you swim with phosphorescent plankton during a tour of Maya Bay or an on-board overnight stay.
Day-trippers are encouraged to hire a long tail boat and cruise to the Bay during the early morning or late afternoon to avoid heaving midday crowds. Make the most of your trip to Phi Phi Ley and explore every alluring crevice of this remarkable island.

Top Operators:
Maya Bay Tours plankton sunset tour
Maya Bay Tours Maya Bay Sleep Aboard

Cliff jumping

Adrenalin junkies don’t necessarily need to book through a tour operator to leap from Koh Phi Phi’s famous limestone walls, but for safety’s sake, it wouldn’t hurt. Attempt this activity under no misconceptions. It is dangerous and injuries are common. So if you don’t have travel insurance, or don’t fancy breaking anything, give this one a miss.

Popular spots: Maya Bay, Tonsai, and anywhere sheer cliffs collide with deep water.

Top Operators:
Ibex Climbing & Tours
Watersports Experience